Buzzing for The Vibrators

The Vibrators @ The O’Rileys Bar, Hull (29.03.19)

The Codfather ventured to Hull to watch Punk Rock Royalty The Vibrators who were supported by Filthy Filthy.

For less than a couple of glasses of Prosecco in a swanky wine bar, a splash of diesel and the cost of Dr Haynes eating his own body weight in burgers from Maccie D’s we were treated to an epic night of live music.

Filthy Filthy kicked it all off with a tight set lasting 40 minutes, if you’re a fan of Stiff little fingers that’s the general vibe of these lads. First saw them at the back end of last year at the Service Station in Hull. They delivered a much tighter set this time round. They’ve been working hard and gigging regularly and it shows. Putting in a much more solid and unified performance than last time round.

Not the finished article yet, but the band plays with enthusiasm and they clearly enjoy what they do. Keep tweaking the finer points guys you’re not far off lifting the roof off the venues.

I certainly recommend you go see them . A great bunch of geezers too, keep on rocking fellas.

The Main Act

The Vibrators …Wow!!! as a man in his vintage years it was a pleasure to see these guys do their thing. The decades may have passed, but these guys eased through their set effortlessly, with skills that have been honed and perfected over the years.

O’rileys was packed with old punks dancing like it was the 70’s. They might of replaced the pogo for a zimmer, but it was still a delight to see.

With tribal melodies, silky harmonies and a attitude that put punk on the map you could really feel the passion for what The Vibrators are about.

If you think Punk Rock is all about swearing, spitting, shouting and generally not being able to play or sing a note you’d be wrong!! with a capital Wrong!!

The current chart music could benefit from a kick in the bollocks from this era and genre of music.

Older they maybe, but they’ve lost none of their zest. Baby, baby, baby was the stand out song, making hairs on the back of the neck stand up .

Youngsters go educate yourself and watch these guys.

Fabulous. The Codfather recommends.

Oi! Oi!

Loved it.

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