#19 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 29.03.19

The Cods Scallops


This episode is the Cod’s Scallops!! Packed with our favourite musical morsels from the past 12 weeks;

Dilly Dally – Canadian grunge

Gin Wigmore – Badass singer/songwriter

NewMeds -Anger is an energy with these guys

Battalions– Down tuned heavy rock

Three Day Millionaires – Catchy riffs n thunderous beats

Bridge City Sinners – folk punk rock you couldn’t play to your grandma

Highly Suspect – Rocking good trio

Edited People – Female fronted rock n roll West Yorkshire style

Amigo the Devil – Americana murderfolk

100 Watt Vipers – Garage blues duo

Bikini Death Race – Electro clash punk

Red City Radio – Oklahoma punk trio                                                     

Moscow Death Brigade – From Russia with punk

Witch Fever – All female feral grunge/punk rock

The Brookes – Indie Quartet from Grimsby


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