Darran Jubb – ‘The Codfather’

Bottom line is “it’s all about the music”,  from the buzzing of the amps, the soft glow of the exit lights and the pending cacophony of sound, smashing the windows of your mind.

Remember the feeling of buying your first 7″ single in Woolies? Or, for the youth of today, downloading your first album?  I re-live that buzz every week when I research the playlist for my show/Podcast.

My favourite styles of music are Metal, Punk, Blues, Folk and a little bit of Reggae on a sunny day. My mission is to throw a spotlight on unsigned Bands/Acts that truly have the “X-Factor” not like the over dramatized, undertalented bore-fest you see on TV.

I’ve spent several years hosting my own radio show “The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox”  The show allows me to play undiscovered gems, classic alternative tracks  and pay homage to bands that play under the mainstream radar.

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