#113 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 30.04.21



Music is the ocean
That pulls me to the shore.
Music is the rhythm
That moves me to the core.
Music is the therapy
I need when I feel blue.
Music lifts my spirits
To make sure I pull through.
The times when I’m most cheerful,
It’s clear music was there.
Music is the needed friend
When no one seems to care.

This week’s featured bands & Artists:

Red City Radio

Direct Hit

The Murderburgers

The Mezingers

The Lillingtons

The Copyrights

Joyce Manor

Vagabond Hearts

Liquid Fire

Death Threat Cassette

Oblivion 1984

El Sancho

The Fyzz Wallis Band

Pretty Mafia

Submit your music to: thecodfatherdj1@gmail.com

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