The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 8.02.2019

The Codfather is back!! after his trip darn sarf (London) to interview award-winning guitar player Marino.

This week’s podcast/radio show kicks off with new kids on the block Edited People. The Cod Crew had chance to experience their music live recently at Headrow House in Leeds when they supported Canadian Grunge Rockers Dilly Dally.

Edited People are a 4 piece band who are pioneering a new-wave of Alternative music sound, reminiscent of 90’s rock mixed with modern, heavier flavours. Varied influences shapes their music; No Doubt, System of a Down and Soundgarden are a notable few.

Tune in Live from 1pm GMT on Smile Radio this Friday 8.02.2019 to hear The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox – “Playing the music that matters”. Available to download after the live show from The Codfather’s Podbean site.

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