Dilly Dally – Gig Review

Dilly Dally
Katie Monks – Guitarist and vocalist
Liz Ball – Guitarist
Bassist – Jimmy Tony
Drummer – Benjamin Reinhartz

The Cod Crew were out in numbers to witness a pretty special gig
last Thursday 24.01.2019 at Headrow House in Leeds.
Canadian Grunge Rockers Dilly Dally were in town promoting their latest album ‘Heaven’. The band is headed up by front women Katie Monks – channelling a jilted-bride look in a lacy white dress and bleached blonde hair. Coupled with gravely vocals, the references to Courtney Love are inevitable but to pigeonhole this band would be unfair. Their murky-yet-melodic, catchy as hell, songs ripped through the Leeds crowd like a tsunami, urging the fans to rock along in delight. Accompanying Monks was cross-dressing bassist Jimmy Tony, flailing his stringed axe around to the beat in a glittering mini skirt that really added to the visual delight.
Strong riffs were supplied by Guitarist Lizz Ball who wouldn’t look out of place in a MAD MAX film with a standard army issued crew cut, contrasting party skirt and vest.
Intoxicating drum beats by Benjamin Reinhartz add a noir-ish depth that recalls early 80’s gothic percussion, reminiscent of The Cure’s 1982 album ‘Pornography’ .
Fans of Nirvana, Pixies, Smashing pumpkins, Hole, Murder City Devils and the likes will definitely love this band.

Checkout The Codfather’s podcast for more up and coming new bands on his weekly alternative jukebox.

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