#100 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 22.01.21


#100!!! Tonight Dr. Haynes and The Codfather celebrate the 100th Episode of ‘The Alternative Jukebox’ 

Bottom line is “it’s all about the music”,  from the buzzing of the amps, the soft glow of the exit lights and the pending cacophony of sound, smashing the windows of your mind.

A MASSIVE thank you to all the bands and artists that have featured on all 100 shows!! and a massive thanks to all the people that have downloaded and liked/share our show x 

tonight’s line-up:

Subliminal Landmines
Lock N Load
The Raging Nathans
3Dbs Down
Triple Sundae
Dangerous time for the Dead

Down River
Anabolic Steroids
System of Hate
Beneath the Cathedral
Iva Toric
Tunnel 57 (Steve Annandale)

Kris Battilana

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#75 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 05.06.20


The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox – 1hr of the best Alternative music on the net!! 

Tonight’s featured artist and bands:
@surya_band @davey_surya

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#6 Monday Folk ‘n Blues Show


It’s Folk’n Monday again!! That means only one thing!!!

The Monday Folk ‘n Blues show!! with #thecodfather

Something #old something #new something #blue

Featured Artist on this show: #mississipijohnhurt #samchatmon #chrisrodrigues&spoonlady #billystrings #williewatson #bridgecitysinners #johnfairhurst #thestonefoxes #dannosheehan&lifelessculture #thedoors #jukejointhighlonesome #joebonamassa #buddyguy #chrisstapleton

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#47 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox


“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” ― Leopold Stokowski

Please join us for an hour of epic riffage, anit-mainstream music and top trivia from The Codfather.

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