#96 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 11/12/20


#96 Punk Guitars Vel Cro stops by to join The Codfather on another epic Alternative Jukebox. 

Packed full of new #grassroots #unsigned #underground #punk #metal #rock #alternative gems.

Tonight’s Features Bands & Artists:

Novacaine, Umbrella Assassins, Capgras Delusion, Dead Demons, Audio Subscene, Jack Scantilly, Under The Cosh, The Nogbads, CTB, Stimpy Myth, Skarlett Riot, Red Shakes.

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#95 The Alternative Jukebox – 2 Year Anniversary 04/12/20


Happy 2nd Birthday to The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox!!!

  • Over 100 podcasts
  • 1000’s of downloads
  • 100’s of new friends
  • 100’s of new bands played
  • Loads of gigs

We’ve enjoyed every single minute of every single show!!!

Thank you for your support!!

Tonight’s featured Bands & Artists:

Dagoban sisters
Melt yourself down
The SchytëHawkës
The Prods
One and a Half Dog
Groom lake
Alpine Loop
Zuzu petals
Kings of the Subhumans
Capgras delusion
Massive Brain Damage (MBD)
Goodbye Blue Monday
Facing Fear
Cats that Bark

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#92 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 13.11.2020


Join The Codfather for 1hr of killer riffs and haunting screams on his Alternative Jukebox Radio Show.

Tonight’s featured bands and Artists: 

  • Fallen Mafia
    Kings of the Subhumans
    Miss Kill
    Party of the sin
    Rough vision
    Bouquet of dead crows
    Standing Crew
    Facing Fear
    Cashing In
    Black Haze Voltz
    Cats That Bark 
  • Funeral Lake

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#90 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox with Special Guest Vel Cro


#90 Bass Guitarist Vel Cro From Hull Punk Band Cats That Bark joins The Codfather for this week’s Alternative Jukebox.


#Punk #Metal #Rock #Alternative #Grunge #Music


This Week’s Featured Bands and Artists: 

The dumbheads
Alpine loop
Circus of dis
Mbd massive brain damage
Red spektor
Death ape disco
Ritual King
The beautiful losers
Adam and the hellcats
Ronnie Abeille
Cats that bark

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#89 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 16.10.20


The Codfather servers up 1hr of the best unsigned, underground Alternative tracks on the planet!! 

Tonight’s featured Bands & Artists:

Let the wolves in
Idle Threat
Three Day Millionaires
Goodbye Blue Monday
Bear Away
The Prods
The Inklings
Diamonds and Guns
One life All – In

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#88 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 09.10.20


The Codfather and Dr. Haynes rip open another episode of the ‘Alternative Jukebox’ Oi! Oi! Punk Riffage, Hardcore flex and down-tuned Indie tunage.

1hr of The Best Unsigned, under the radar choons on the Net!!

Tonight’s Featured Bands & Artists:













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#87 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 02.10.20


The Codfather and Dr. Haynes light up the airwaves with another epic hour of the best unsigned, under the radar bangers on the net!!

New Music Friday!!

Fans of Punk, Rock and Metal will love this show!!

This week’s featured Bands and Artist:

– Meta Utan

– Morphics

– Red Shakes

– 1 and half Dogs

– Case 39

– Sadistic Slobs

– The Prods

– D.I.Y Master

– Extinguish The Sun

– N. Tasker

– Aubrey-Eels

– Betty the Raccoon

– BS Bone

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#86 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 25.09.2020


#86 This week’s Alternative Jukebox features 100% submissions. 

Join The Codfather and Dr. Haynes for 1hr of the best #rock #punk #metal #alternative #indie #music from around the world!!


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#85 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 18.09.20


The Codafather is joined by Dr. Haynes on this week’s episode of the ‘Alternative Jukebox’.  

Over an hour of the best unsigned and alternative tracks on the net!!

This week’s feature bands and artist:














Thanks to all the bands for their submissions.

Send new submissions to email: thecodfather1@gmail.com

Big thanks to Paul Harwood from the ‘rock metal and punk music group’ on Facebook for all his recent support.

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