#103 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 12.02.21


Earth holds no sweeter gifts than the sound of new music!!

This week’s Bands and Artists:

Back to Atlantis
Bath Salts Brigade
Bazooka Fist
Ruby in the box
At Breakpoint
Serial killer dinner party ( SKDP)
Sound infection
Bleeding Knees club
Kold Creature
The Shed Project
Tunnel 57 ( Steve Annandale )

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#102 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 05.02.2021


Lots of different flavours at The Codfather’s table tonight…Punk, Grunge, Rock and Metal.


Tonight’s Runners and Riders:

Tired lion
Delilah Bon
Our distorted venture
Shadow the Earth
All Night Dining
Lady Bird
Pist idiots
James Kennedy
Last of the Misfit Heroes
Cherry Pickles
Ducking Punches
Late Exit
Fish Mittens
Mad Mulligans
Buried by my Heartache

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#101 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 29.01.2021


#101 This weeks show opens up at full throttle!!

Hardcore punk to high octane Rock!!


All this weeks show:

Intentional overdose
Suburban Resistance
My Latest Failure
One in the chamber
Cobra cult
Spinster Jones
The Dead Pawns
This weeks submissions
Fish Mittens
Mad Mulligans
Middle finger unfold
Venomous Rose
Norm Kirby

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#100 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 22.01.21


#100!!! Tonight Dr. Haynes and The Codfather celebrate the 100th Episode of ‘The Alternative Jukebox’ 

Bottom line is “it’s all about the music”,  from the buzzing of the amps, the soft glow of the exit lights and the pending cacophony of sound, smashing the windows of your mind.

A MASSIVE thank you to all the bands and artists that have featured on all 100 shows!! and a massive thanks to all the people that have downloaded and liked/share our show x 

tonight’s line-up:

Subliminal Landmines
Lock N Load
The Raging Nathans
3Dbs Down
Triple Sundae
Dangerous time for the Dead

Down River
Anabolic Steroids
System of Hate
Beneath the Cathedral
Iva Toric
Tunnel 57 (Steve Annandale)

Kris Battilana

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#99 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 15.01.21


#99 is packed full of epic tunage – The show has got everything from catchy Punk riffs to Gothic undertones, plus a worldwide exclusive from Adam and the Hellcats!!!


Tonight’s featured bands and Artists:

Great playlist show sent
Curse words
Toxic Energy
Adam and the Hellcats
On the Run
Walking with Crows
Perfectparachutepicture (PPP)
The World Famous Tall Boys
The Wasted
This weeksSubmissions
System of Hate
Hybrid Kid

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#97 The Alternative Christmas Jukebox 18.12.20


#97 is our final show of the year!!! 

This is not a Christmas Playlist!! but it will rock your baubles off!!!


Tonight’s featured Bands and Artists:


False Hearts

Beast & Fish

Soul Jacker

Big Black

Amyl and the sniffers 

The Electric Black

Kyla La Grange 

The Heavy Minds

Wet Nuns

Adam and the Hellcats

Half Past Gone


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#96 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox 11/12/20


#96 Punk Guitars Vel Cro stops by to join The Codfather on another epic Alternative Jukebox. 

Packed full of new #grassroots #unsigned #underground #punk #metal #rock #alternative gems.

Tonight’s Features Bands & Artists:

Novacaine, Umbrella Assassins, Capgras Delusion, Dead Demons, Audio Subscene, Jack Scantilly, Under The Cosh, The Nogbads, CTB, Stimpy Myth, Skarlett Riot, Red Shakes.

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#95 The Alternative Jukebox – 2 Year Anniversary 04/12/20


Happy 2nd Birthday to The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox!!!

  • Over 100 podcasts
  • 1000’s of downloads
  • 100’s of new friends
  • 100’s of new bands played
  • Loads of gigs

We’ve enjoyed every single minute of every single show!!!

Thank you for your support!!

Tonight’s featured Bands & Artists:

Dagoban sisters
Melt yourself down
The SchytëHawkës
The Prods
One and a Half Dog
Groom lake
Alpine Loop
Zuzu petals
Kings of the Subhumans
Capgras delusion
Massive Brain Damage (MBD)
Goodbye Blue Monday
Facing Fear
Cats that Bark

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#94 Vel Cro Takes Over The Alternative Jukebox 27.11.20


Punk Guitarist ‘Vel Cro’ from Cats That Bark Takes Over The Alternative Jukebox this week.

He brings an awesome playlist of unsigned, DIY, grassroot Punk/Alternative tunes to the show.

Featured Bands and Artists:

Dump valve
Freaks union
Stimpy myth –
The chasing dark
Unwired society
Cats That Bark 
Filthy Filthy
From the gut
Crash induction
Dyin flies
Sinful Maggie
Lu Ku


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