#39 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox


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#37 The Codfather’s Alternative Jukebox


He’s Back after a week off due to “An Evening with The Codfather” gig in Leeds.

This week’s show is back with a heavy Alternative Musical Punch!! Feature everything from Hardcore Punk to songs about bananas!!! 

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“Behind the Mask” of GingerKat from Bikini Death Race


The Codfather finds out more about the girl “Behind the Mask” of Electronic Punk Band Bikini Death Race.

Her early musical influences

First album she bought

Why she wears a mask on stage etc

Bikini Death Race will be playing on the 2nd of August in Leeds at the “An Evening with The Codfather” night – for full details on tickets etc visit http://www.thecodfatherdj.com